How to Increase Customer Engagement with Viber Business Messages

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We can confidently say that customer engagement has become a company’s likelihood to increasing revenue and customer loyalty. And Viber Business messages is one way to do it.

Unfortunately, you can’t cut corners if you want to increase customer engagement in this day of age. However, it has become easier for brands to manage their customer engagement solutions in one place with omnichannel communication platforms like VoiceSage’s.

If you are already using a communication platform in your customer communications, then you know how important it is to add new channels to your strategy, especially the ones on trend.

Viber is such as platform that maximizes a brand’s presence across many channels to complete a user journey.

Their aim is to attract, interact, transact, and help stay in contact businesses with their customers. So far so good. We’d now like to discuss how specifically can Viber Business Messages increase customer engagement for companies.

Viber Business Messages provide an easy way for businesses to communicate directly with their customers through text messages sent from the platform itself or via third-party messaging providers like VoiceSage.

What Is Viber Business Messages?

Viber Business Messages is a feature that allows you to send messages to your customers and prospects. These messages are sent over the Viber network, so they’re delivered in real time, even if the recipient is offline or on another device.

Message recipients can respond via voice or text message, which means they don’t need to download an app or register as a user; all they need is their phone number!

viber business messages

How Viber Business Messages Increases Customer Engagement

Viber Business Messages is a feature that allows you to send messages to your customers through Viber. This can be done in two ways:

  • You can create a group chat and invite all your customers to it.
  • You can send individual messages to each customer individually.

You can use this feature for many different purposes, but one of the most popular uses for it is as a part of your overall customer engagement strategy.

If you have an e-commerce store or some other type of business where there are multiple people working on different parts of the business, then using Viber Business Messages is a good call.

One advantage is because Viber allows everyone who needs access to communicate effectively with their customers.

You shouldn’t have to worry about emails being lost in customers’ inboxes. Instead, your customers will just see that message pop up on their phone!

Viber Business Messages have become a crucial component of brands’ conversational commerce tactics as they enable brands to interact with customers in multiple ways:

  • They offer customers immediate assistance and customer support.
  • They keep customers informed about their orders, shipping status, and accumulated loyalty points.
  • They guide customers through chat to products that may pique their interest.
  • They help companies with advertising such as sending customized deals, latest offers, and much more.

Companies can use Viber Business messages as a valuable tool for everyday customer communication and engagement. Here are a few ways in which you can leverage the Viber platform:

1. Informational updates

Banks can use Viber Business messages to keep their customers informed about their account activity, including:

  • Balance updates
  • Transaction alerts
  • Payment reminders

Customers can also opt-in to receive personalized alerts, such as when their account balance reaches a certain threshold or when a transaction over a certain amount is made.

viber texting

2. Customer service

Viber messaging can be used to provide customer service and support to customers.

Organizations can even use chatbots to automate customer service inquiries and provide quick responses to frequently asked questions. This can help reduce wait times for customers and improve overall customer satisfaction.

3. Marketing and promotions

Brands can use Viber Business messages to promote their products and services, such as:

  • Promotions and discounts
  • New product or service launches
  • Cross-promotions
  • Interactive campaigns
  • Personalized offers

These messages can be personalized based on the customer’s account activity and preferences, increasing the likelihood of engagement and conversion.

They allow retailers to engage customers in a two-way conversation. Companies can create quizzes, contests, and polls to encourage customer participation and promote their products.

4. Security alerts

Viber Business messages can be used to send security alerts to banking customers, such as:

  • Two-factor authentication codes
  • Password reset notifications
  • Suspicious activity alerts

These alerts can be sent in real-time to customers to help them keep their accounts secure and prevent fraudulent activity.

5. Feedback and surveys

Lastly, companies can use Viber to gather customer feedback and insights through surveys and polls. This can help you understand your customers better and improve your products and services based on customer needs and preferences.

Start Increasing Customer Engagement with Viber Business Messages

In conclusion, customer relationships can be difficult to manage when you don’t have the right tools in place.

Overall, these messages can be a cost-effective and targeted way to advertise products and engage customers. If you want to explore Viber as an additional communication channel, reach out to VoiceSage and see how easy our integration is.

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Published on: 12th April 2023

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