How to Improve CX with Customer Feedback

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What a Successful CX Strategy Looks Like

Customer experience (CX) is not a one-off project. It’s a continuous process that has to be improved as customer expectations change. Customer feedback is the most direct form of impulse to improve processes and change for the better.

Nothing harms a brand more than a bad CX. Even when the product or solutions doesn’t meet expectations, customers are more likely to forgive and commit if they feel like you:

  • Hear them
  • Care about their problem
  • Want to help them
  • Take positive actions

Firstly, you might think this is all common sense. But not all organizations can achieve these simple promises. Most of the times, they are broken and your CX strategy can easily fall apart without the right tools and technologies to improve your strategy.

Secondly, customer feedback is the foundation of improvement in contact centres, but it’s not the easiest to collect. The average person can become distracted in just 8 seconds. So, if you want to catch their attention, you need to use simple and quick questions to obtain any feedback.

Now, because we are aware of how difficult it is to use customer feedback techniques, in this article we want to show you a few things that might help you:

  • Improve your CX strategy with customer feedback
  • Maximize your chances of acquiring customer feedback
  • Applying actionable steps to improve your surveys
  • Following best practices guides for guaranteed success

improve cx with customer feedback strategy

Innovative Ways to Collect Customer Feedback

Acquiring customer feedback is vital when creating your customer journeys. No matter the size of your business, your customers need to be put at the heart of your CX strategy. Here are some of the main benefits that superior customer service delivers:

  • Increased customer satisfactions: meet customer expectations and secure your customer’s loyalty into profit. A positive brand experience often leads to customer referrals, so make sure your prioritize customers.
  • Higher customer retention: the better you treat your customers, the more they will return. Give them the chance to do business again with you by proactively improving their customer experiences. Personalization can play a big role when creating customer journeys, so make them unique.
  • Competitive advantages: having an outstanding customer service entices customer to do repeat business with you. Be the first supplier your customer calls by improving your customer service experiences, not lowering prices.
  • Lead with empathy: empathy is the ability to understand people’s feelings and where they come from. As long as you treat your employees as you would your customers expresses good leadership and concern for their well-being. As long as your employees are happy, they will make sure your customer are too.

Online reviews influence potential customers because they are the social proof and credibility that can impact a sale. 97% of customers now use online media to research products and services before purchasing.

Although online reviews weight a lot when creating a customer feedback strategy, there are other channels that you can obtain customer feedback from.

  • SMS: text messaging has the highest open rates from all communication channels. Consider using it to get immediate customer responses to your mobile surveys.
  • Rich messaging: creating impactful surveys is key to drawing customer attention. Take advantage of the rich content functionality and send engaging surveys to gather feedback.
  • Voice messaging: this easy solution allows customers to give customer feedback verbally. You can analyze customer sentiment by listening to what your customers have to say in regard to your products or services.
  • WhatsApp: another popular channel perfect to capture customer feedback in a matter of seconds.

customer feedback

Best Practices for a Successful Customer Feedback Strategy

Determine true CX sentiment and ask the right questions

A customer sentiment is a metric that indicates customers’ feelings, opinions, and attitudes towards a brand. Most companies use consumer sentiment surveys to find out how their users engage.

Do your customers feel confident that you will solve their problems? Do they spend less with you after a poor customer experience?

CX sentiment is a great customer feedback metric to consider when designing customer experiences and revising journeys.

Audit customer journeys for ease of use

Knowing what works and what doesn’t in your customer journeys can have a positive customer feedback impact.

For instance, let’s say you seek out customer feedback on the latest feature you rolled out. You are already aware there are some issues or a bug that is causing a certain delay in responsiveness. In a survey, you request customer feedback on the latest application improvements and changes.

One question can refer to admitting you’ve made a mistake and promising a quick resolution.

mobile customer feedback

Embrace omnichannel strategies to improve customer experiences

Channel diversification is extremely important when acquiring customer feedback to improve CX.

Using omnichannel customer feedback gives customers the opportunity to share feedback seamlessly across channels.

For example, if a customer contacted customer support via live chat, he could rate the interaction then and there. Instant follow-up shows you actually care about each customer interaction.

Gathering customer feedback from a range of channels and interactions will give you a better picture of where your efforts should go.

Personalize each customer experience

Personalization comes from truly listening to what your customers have to say and implementing the changes.

97% of consumers are more likely to be loyal to a company that implements their feedback. Each customer experience should be treated uniquely. That works when sending customer feedback surveys.

Ask customers about their individual experience with your brand. Make it about them and their engagement. How can you improve their 1:1 relationship?

Leveraging user data to consider a person’s characteristics and past interactions allow you to customize their experience, therefore increase customer satisfaction.

Actionable Steps to Improve CX with Customer Feedback

The future of CX is rooted in intent-based marketing. With every search on Google, customers give you the insight into what they’re interested in.

Treat each customer experience on every channel in a personalized way. Use the intent matching keywords to the relevant copy and landing page.

Focus more on how you can eliminate frustration by giving customers exactly what they needed, the first time. Avoid hold time, misdirection, and irrelevant information.

Customer experience is done right when you walk in your customers’ shoes. Make sure your target personas are dynamic, not static. People change, consumer expectations change, your brand changes.

So, keep in touch with consumers following these easy-to-digest steps for efficient customer feedback:

  • Create relevant and engaging content
  • Create uniform customer experiences
  • Put yourself in your customer’s shoes
  • Listen more proactively
  • Put the same effort into efficiency and quality
  • Set our goals and multiple touchpoints
  • Get personal


It’s time to wrap up how to improve cx with customer feedback topic. We’ll leave you with one last idea. Those who master and understand data can deliver the experiences their customers crave.

To provide the type of experience and support the interactions your customers desire, you have to be agile, become adaptable, and eliminate silos build around digital marketing, brand, sales, customer service, and eCommerce.

In conclusion, information is the secret to adaptability, so acquire and use it intelligently in your customer feedback strategy.

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Published on: 25th July 2022

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