Collect Customer Feedback: Why Rich Messaging Is Better Than Other Channels

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Customer Feedback: Why & How to Collect It

Customer feedback guides companies to make better decisions. The brands focused on innovation will take on board the feedback and make changes critical for growth. 52% of people around the globe believe that companies need to act on feedback provided by their customers.

Leadership teams are often challenged to collect customer feedback to improve parts of the business – from products and services, new features, user experience, and customer service.

Innovation in the customer experience space has been a priority in the past few years to keep up with the ever-changing customer expectations. Before COVID, the customer experience was one way to stand out from the competition. Now, the focus is to improve and innovate.

But before you begin collecting feedback from your customers, you need to let them know why you seek their input. Stating your desired outcomes will set the groundwork for a worthwhile investment of you and your customers’ time.

Invest in a Mobile-First Communication Strategy

Take the first step towards understanding your customers. What channels do they prefer to communicate? When are they more likely to respond? How many questions should you ask?

We live in a digital world with mobile being the most used and popular channel. The smartphone industry worldwide is projected to add up to around 1.48 billion units by 2023.

More so, we use the phone to seek more information on products or to do other research information. Interestingly, now more than half of all web traffic comes from mobile. Thus, brands took the opportunity to explore mobile as a channel further.

Collecting customer feedback means you are proactive. So, choose a mobile-first communication strategy to make sure you are approaching customers in the right way:

  • Choose a mobile-first strategy
  • Personalize your surveys with rich media
  • Build a better customer experience
  • Offer an incentive for completion
  • Adopt an omnichannel strategy

Rich Messaging for Customer Feedback

So what is the most effective channel to collect customer feedback? We think that rich messaging has a unique advantage over communications like live chat or email. Companies can achieve 7.5x more response rates by sending surveys on mobile compared to email.

So, what is rich messaging, and how can it be used to gather customer feedback?

Rich messaging is a type of conversational messaging used by companies to engage in dialogue with their customers. It’s used extensively for mobile payments, marketing, customer service, operations, and other topics.

With engagement rates of up to 49%, rich messaging is something you should consider when sending surveys. You can trigger automated surveys following purchases or customer interactions to gain valuable insights into customer experiences.

customer survey collect customer feedback

How to Create Rich Messages for Surveys

Creating rich messages is easy and intuitive. VoiceSage give brands the ability to create unique mobile landing pages in a matter of minutes. The link sent via SMS will take the customer to a personalized web page.

With a feature-rich and easy-to-use drag and drop builder, you can build a complex survey quickly. Here is a snapshot of all the features that you can use in your surveys:

  • Rich media content like images, videos, GIFs
  • Rating sliders
  • Rating faces
  • Paragraph boxes
  • Radio buttons
  • Checkboxes
  • Dropdown lists
  • Mandatory fields
  • Call-to-action buttons
  • Scratch cards for incentives
  • Detailed reporting

How to Get Started with Rich Messaging to Collect Customer Feedback

So, collecting customer feedback is important to make the right changes and acquire customer satisfaction. As a brand, we recommend rich messaging to businesses that want to stand out from the competition and choose a proactive form of communication.

If you are interested in learning more about how to collect customer feedback with rich messages, please book a demo.

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Published on: 15th June 2021

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