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VoiceSage Direct Marketing KPIs


Open rate


Response rate


Increase on new accounts booked per agent per hour

Maximize lifetime value online, on mobile and instore, with Optichannel Rich Media and SMS Direct Marketing

Unlocking value from CRM

VoiceSage lets brands use automated, personalized, dynamic direct messaging across channels and devices. Provide the rich interwoven communications that continually shape, break and remake the views and perceptions of today’s sophisticated digital-age consumers.

Initiate cross and up-sell conversations

Customer acquisition is costly. So, what many businesses really need to ‘acquire’ is the capability to cross and up-sell to existing customers more effectively! When you want to unlock the deeper value inside your customer databases VoiceSage lets you deliver the right message down the right channel to get the response you are seeking.

Sales promotion and proximity marketing with the Internet of Things

Quickly build and automate complex multichannel messaging campaigns to support online and mobile marketing promotions to existing customers. Instore or at your service delivery point, unleash the power of Internet of Things-based proximity technology to market products and services and offer an enhanced physical shopping experience.

Vanquis Bank fulfilling customer promises with VoiceSage

200% increase in customer contact with a reduction in RPC costs

2% increase in 90day plus ‘promises to pay’s delivered with 65% less agents

100%+ contact rate on same day credit card applications

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