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VoiceSage Logistics KPIs


increase in first time deliveries


reduction in inbound calls


outbound customer interactions per day

Increase success of first time deliveries for better brand experiences

Deliver more than just a parcel!

Avoid disappointing and instead delight customers by completing the final step of fulfilment at the first delivery attempt. Give experiences that positively reflect on your logistics brand and that of your clients. With VoiceSage your logistics operation makes the final part of the customer journey memorable because you deliver more smiles!

Automated voice, SMS and rich media messaging

Reduce the cost of engaging, communicating and arranging delivery for mutually agreed dates and times. Proactive customer messaging for logistics businesses enables you to better manage the entire cycle of customer availability, bookings, confirmations, deliveries and follow-ups seamlessly, easily and personally.

Technology advantage in a fiercely competitive market

Accelerate delivery rounds by increasing first time delivery success. Save fuel on re-deliveries. From delivery window notifications to rescheduling, automating the customer communication process enables more efficient scheduling, reduces delivery costs and improves operational efficiency.

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