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VoiceSage Contact Centre Solutions KPIs


Reduction in inbound calls


Improvement in agent productivity


Reduction in operational costs


Score increase in customer satisfaction

Transform customer engagement and communication with VoiceSage contact centre solutions

A proactive approach to customer contact

Contact centres get on the front foot with a proactive approach. Outbound customer contact strategies reduce inbound calls and the need to be reactive. Be more proactive in periods where you predict lower levels of inbound traffic. Plan around evening and weekend inbound spikes to re-engineer your work flows.

Giving more than just customer service

Proactive, personalized and timely outbound communication is an important factor in projecting a great customer service ethic. With VoiceSage, when you’re operating at scale, you promote the perception that every customer is valued, that every customer is special. Achieve greater differentiation and standout through customer service reputation.

Initiate and power conversations

Integrated communications technology that lets you execute an outbound strategy. Choose contact centre solutions from large-scale appointments booking in healthcare, to meter readings and major outage alerts and service updates for utilities, VoiceSage lets organizations take the lead by initiating and powering conversations with your customers. Explore our SMS, Voice and Rich Media Messaging solutions.

Capita Customers Move From Failure To Value Demand With VoiceSage

Speed of response, high response rates and easy services to execute

Useful feedback loop for customers that gives them actionable insights

Identifies people, process or technology improvements in the contact centre

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