Improving Customer Contact, Customer Experience and Retention. What the Rent-to-Own Sector is doing right

Spending more time having productive customer conversations is key to the success of rent-to-own retailer BrightHouse. Read the challenges and how technology is playing its part.

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Improving Customer Contact, Customer Experience and Retention.

Text Messaging in Collections – Allowing Agents to Collect More

Texting in collections, is starting to deliver huge benefits – in terms of improved efficiency, better use of call centre agents’ time and late stage repayment deals with customers. So why is text messaging in collections working so well? A …

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Green piggy bank with money going in

Why Visual Mobile Messaging Gets Surveys Better Completed

Many mobile surveys tend to get exited quickly by bored or frustrated consumers. Now visual mobile surveys offer an exciting alternative.

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Customer Communications – Is Your Business Operating in Silos?

What are the signs that you have customer communication silos in your business?

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Customer Communications

Contact Centres and SMS Conversations: The Next Big Thing

Switched-on contact centres are moving from diallers to text-based interactions with customers – and it’s starting to really pay off,

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Contact Centres and SMS Conversations

Blending Contact Channels = Successful Customer Contact..Really!

There’s an expression which has probably lived past its sell-by date, but which I can’t help throwing at you today: There’s more than one way to skin a cat I see the truth of that pretty regularly in talking with …

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Blended Customer Contact is the key to successful customer contact

Mobile Messaging: The Trick To Self-Service? One Step At A Time

By taking customers, with mobile messaging, from voice to text to mobile landing pages onto full mobile applications will get you and customers where you need to be.

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Mobile Messaging: The Trick To Self-Service

The Imminent Death of A2P SMS? Why You Won’t Need To Send Flowers

A2P SMS will be around for the foreseeable future and is not going to be affected by OTT services. A2P SMS messaging is here to stay. Here is why….

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VoiceSage A2P SMS Text Messaging

Want To Improve Customer Contact Now? Try these 5 things….

From timing to seamless channel switches, these 5 simple contact approaches are guaranteed to deliver positive results and improve customer contact KPIs.

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Customer Service Trends That You Should Be On Top Of

These 15 trends will keep you up to date on what on what is hot in the customer service arena.

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Customer Service Trends