Get The Most Out Of Your Contact Centre – Start Contacting Customers Earlier!

For customer communications, timing: it really is of the essence. Starting customer contact earlier in the day results in higher contact rates .

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How To Lose Customers Fast With Poor Customer Experience!

Customer experience is key to retaining customers. Here is a heads up on the basic principles guaranteed to leave customers unimpressed and underwhelmed.

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Top Tips On How To Improve Customer Contact Rates

To improve customer contact and engagement rates does not require a long drawn out process. Here are some simple things that you can start doing now to better engage with customers and get better results.

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improve customer contact rates

Now You’re Cooking! SMS Conversations Offers A Great Customer Experience

Avoid being a nuisance, SMS Conversations Offers Great Customer Experience, so why are contact centres not giving customers what they want?

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VoiceSage SMS Conversations Offers Great Customer Experience

What Are The Top Uses For Text Messaging In Collections?

Many companies embraced the humble text message as a simple ‘fire-and forget’ communication, but now are capitalising on some of the great innovations in the SMS and mobile messaging space.

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Text messaging in collections

Text Messaging in Collections – Allowing Agents to Collect More

Texting in collections, is starting to deliver huge benefits – in terms of improved efficiency, better use of call centre agents’ time and late stage repayment deals with customers. So why is text messaging in collections working so well? A …

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Why Visual Mobile Messaging Gets Surveys Better Completed

Many mobile surveys tend to get exited quickly by bored or frustrated consumers. Now visual mobile surveys offer an exciting alternative.

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Customer Communications – Is Your Business Operating in Silos?

What are the signs that you have customer communication silos in your business?

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Customer Communications

Contact Centres and SMS Conversations: The Next Big Thing

Switched-on contact centres are moving from diallers to text-based interactions with customers – and it’s starting to really pay off,

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Contact Centres and SMS Conversations

Blending Contact Channels = Successful Customer Contact..Really!

There’s an expression which has probably lived past its sell-by date, but which I can’t help throwing at you today: There’s more than one way to skin a cat I see the truth of that pretty regularly in talking with …

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Blended Customer Contact is the key to successful customer contact