Customer Satisfaction in The Public Sector: How To Stop Making That A Contradiction In Terms

Visual Messaging is a fantastic way for local authorities and public service providers to not just improve customer satisfaction, but also gain more insight into citizen attitudes.

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Customer Feedaback

‘Debtor’ To ‘Customer’ -Key Steps In Making The Pay-Day Loan A Great Customer Experience

More and more people in the collections are moving from viewing people as ‘debtors’ to viewing them as customers and looking to foster long term valuable relationships.
Read how effective communication can help.

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Key Steps In Making The Pay-Day Loan A Great Customer Experience

Customer Experience Predictions for 2015

Creating customer experiences that is what sets brands apart. Here are some customer experience predictions for 2015 from industry thought leaders.

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The Customer Experience Management Trends That Shaped 2014

What have brands been doing to improve their customer experience competitiveness in 2014? Here are key trends that have characterised 2014, according to the experts.

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Customer Experience Management Trends 2014

Great Customer Experiences: 10 Strategies To Stay Ahead Of The Game

Learn what strategies leading companies are employing to stay ahead of the game in delivering great customer experiences.

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Great Customer Experiences Race

Top Strategies to Maximise Mobile Messaging Performance

Businesses planning their mobile messaging strategies are advised to focus on the areas where they can quickly improve says ‘Identifying the Care Gap in Business-to-Consumer Engagement’ report from mBlox.

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Mobile Messaging

Why Text Based Customer Service Is The On-line Retailer’s New Best Friend

Text based customer service is gaining momentum. It is a really effective way for retailers to engage.

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text message template

Squaring The Circle: How To Reduce Inbound Call Volumes & Guarantee Customer Satisfaction

With 70% of call centre calls being inbound and 30% outbound means inbound is the bigger issue. Most people think it’s the other way round. The biggest challenge is how to reduce call volumes and keep customers happy.

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Thumbs Up to Reduce Inbound Calls and Keep Customers Happy

How to Make Car Insurance a Customer ‘Favourite Thing’ with a Simple Text

Text messaging is an effective way to engage with customers. Creating a contact strategy from welcome messaging to renewal alerts can add real value.

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Let’s All ‘Hear It’ For That Neglected Mighty Thing: Voice!

Voice is a really effective way to contact and connect with customers but is being overlooked with the explosion of text messaging. It has a part to play in a Let’s All ‘Hear It’ For That Neglected Mighty Thing: Voice! customer contact strategy, so don’t ignore it.

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Old style telephones for voice calls