Now You’re Cooking! SMS Conversations Offers A Great Customer Experience

Avoid being a nuisance, SMS Conversations Offers Great Customer Experience, so why are contact centres not giving customers what they want?

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VoiceSage SMS Conversations Offers Great Customer Experience

‘Debtor’ To ‘Customer’ -Key Steps In Making The Pay-Day Loan A Great Customer Experience

More and more people in the collections are moving from viewing people as ‘debtors’ to viewing them as customers and looking to foster long term valuable relationships.
Read how effective communication can help.

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Key Steps In Making The Pay-Day Loan A Great Customer Experience

Get The Most Out Of Your Contact Centre – Start Contacting Customers Earlier!

For customer communications, timing: it really is of the essence. Starting customer contact earlier in the day results in higher contact rates .

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How To Lose Customers Fast With Poor Customer Experience!

Customer experience is key to retaining customers. Here is a heads up on the basic principles guaranteed to leave customers unimpressed and underwhelmed.

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Sad Smiley Face - Poor Customer Experience

Improving Customer Contact: Flexibility & Innovation Your Two New Business Friends

Trying new things is the secret of customer engagement success. Risks really do need to be taken, trying out new ideas – because it is worth the payback.

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Improving Customer Contact: Flexibility & Innovation Your Two New Business Friends

The Visual Customer Survey – A Great Way to Engage

The engagement rate for customer feedback using visual messages is impressive – with customer survey response rates reported at over 20%.

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Customer Surveys A great way to get responses

Push Messaging Is A Fantastic Digital Marketing Tool

With consumers feeling burned out by the mountain of data that hits them, it’s only the innovative marketers paring down campaign messages who are going to win big. Push is a big part of that.

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Push Is A Fantastic Modern Digital Marketing Tool

Smarter Customer Engagement is Much More Than an Empty Slogan

Smarter customer engagement is about working better with customers: bringing together communication channels – agents, text, voice, email into a coherent, unified whole. Here is how…

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Improving Customer Contact – Don’t Forget to Switch Channels!

How can contact centres better engage with customers? Don’t waste time using channels that customers are unresponsive to. Switching channels gets better results.

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Improving Customer Contact: Don’t Forget to Switch Channels

Timing, A Journey, A Good Memory: Useful Ways To Think About Customer Outreach ?

These 3 points are key when analyzing customer communications and customer outreach and how to improve customer contact rates.

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Customer Outreach