Five Frontline Top Tips For SMS Customer Service With VoiceSage

VoiceSage product expert Stephanie Keyes shares some great ‘top tips’ for making the very most of your new SMS service I’ve been working with customers a lot for the past 18 months here – especially with some of biggest clients …

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Don’t Consign Landlines To The Landfill Just Yet

VoiceSage’s Steven Robertson is sceptical about the demise of the home landline phone Many British householders reacting favourably to the recent statement made by Culture Minister Ed Vaizey that ‘outdated’ wired phone rental charges should be scrapped. What Vaizey wants …

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Sorry, But The Death Of SMS Is Somewhat Exaggerated

Steven Robertson reflects on the claim by Google that it’s invented a ‘replacement’ for texting Another day, another article about the death of SMS. Before we get into a discussion of why I am sceptical, a quick observation. In The …

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Connecting with Customers: Variety and Timing are Crucial to Getting the Right Result!

There’s a worrying parallel between how the media got the May’15 UK Election so wrong – and how brands may be connecting with customers.

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The Visual Customer Survey – A Great Way to Engage

The engagement rate for customer feedback using visual messages is impressive – with customer survey response rates reported at over 20%.

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Customer Surveys A great way to get responses

Smarter Customer Engagement is Much More Than an Empty Slogan

Smarter customer engagement is about working better with customers: bringing together communication channels – agents, text, voice, email into a coherent, unified whole. Here is how…

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Top Tips On How To Improve Customer Contact Rates

To improve customer contact and engagement rates does not require a long drawn out process. Here are some simple things that you can start doing now to better engage with customers and get better results.

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improve customer contact rates

Text Messaging in Collections – Allowing Agents to Collect More

Texting is delivering huge benefits in terms of improved efficiency, better use of call centre agents’ time and late stage repayment deals with customers so why is text messaging in collections working so well.

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Falling For A Problem

There are many ways a problem can be “solved”. The advice is to “fall in love with the problem, not the solution”. The more known about the problem, the weave of the reality it exits within, the more likely you are to have to insights to solve it.

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Falling for the problem blog

Customer Service Thoughts 2015–2016 : Automations and AI

The year in which nothing much seemed to happen in customer service. Maybe because we were getting on with the things that are clearly important. Mobile, Cloud, and Automation.

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