Connecting with Customers: Variety and Timing are Crucial to Getting the Right Result!

There’s a worrying parallel between how the media got the May’15 UK Election so wrong – and how brands may be connecting with customers.

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Customer Contact

Text Messaging in Collections – Allowing Agents to Collect More

Texting is delivering huge benefits in terms of improved efficiency, better use of call centre agents’ time and late stage repayment deals with customers so why is text messaging in collections working so well.

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Falling For A Problem

There are many ways a problem can be “solved”. The advice is to “fall in love with the problem, not the solution”. The more known about the problem, the weave of the reality it exits within, the more likely you are to have to insights to solve it.

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Falling for the problem blog

Customer Service Thoughts 2015–2016 : Automations and AI

The year in which nothing much seemed to happen in customer service. Maybe because we were getting on with the things that are clearly important. Mobile, Cloud, and Automation.

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Top Tips On How To Improve Customer Contact Rates

To improve customer contact and engagement rates does not require a long drawn out process. Here are some simple things that you can start doing now to better engage with customers and get better results.

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improve customer contact rates

What To Expect in the Contact Centre Industry this Year?

There are some encouraging thoughts – and a warning or two – about what the market can expect in the next 12 months.

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What to Expect in the Contact Centre Industry

Every Day Can Be A January Sales Day If You Are Serious About Omni-Channel Success

We all know it’s going to be hugely busy for retailers in the next two weeks – both in-store and online. That’s because, in light of how poorly UK Plc managed the November ‘Black Friday’ event this year, retailers have …

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Smart Omni-Channel

What Should Be On Every Contact Centre Manager’s Christmas Wish List..

Ideas to help improve contact centre agent and customer experience performance

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The Contact Centre Christmas Wish List

Voice And Webchat Are Great – Until They Turn Up On ‘Biggest Gripes’ Lists

A recent survey by respected consumer champion Which? found out what the British public’s biggest gripes are when it comes to working with them. Its team asked more than 3,500 consumers what makes them ‘see red’ about the companies and …

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Marketing Moving More Swiftly To Embrace ‘Data-Driven,’ US Data Suggests

If you’re still in doubt about the rise of importance in data-driven marketing, then you might want to pen an angry ‘Letter To The Editor’ of US business magazine Forbes … as that august journal says you’re wrong.

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Marketing Moving More Swiftly To Embrace ‘Data-Driven,’ US Data Suggests