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VoiceSage Credit Control KPIs


of calls are inbound


fewer cases of customers going into arrears


As much as 10:1 return on investment

Debt Collection: Make payment another part of a great user experience

A smarter approach to customer contact for debt collection

It’s a given that a proactive approach to debt collection is essential. VoiceSage enhances proactivity with smart technology to take it the next level. When it comes to delivering improvements in debt collection, VoiceSage enables a more efficient approach to engagement that really pays off, increasing collections and reducing costs.

Increase connection with hard to reach customers

Integrated messaging across multiple channels increases the chance of being able to contact customers. Use information such as best contact method more effectively to use the channel customers prefer and direct them to the payment outcome in a way that makes it a good experience for the customer. Explore our SMS, Voice and Rich Media Messaging solutions.

One touch payment options eliminate barriers

Requesting payment and then waiting for customers to action payment with cards or an online banking service creates discontinuity and an opportunity to delay payment. VoiceSage secure, one touch payment capability contained within the communication string makes debt collection frictionless and immediate.

Vanquis Bank fulfilling customer promises with VoiceSage

200% increase in customer contact with a reduction in RPC costs

2% increase in 90day plus ‘promises to pay’s delivered with 65% less agents

100%+ contact rate on same day credit card applications

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