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What Are the Biggest Current Engagement Hurdles Out There?

24th April 2017 No Comments

We recently had the chance to catch up with VoiceSage’s partners and customers at an industry expo we supported, the Future of the Contact Centre conference, run by our partners at Engage Business Media.

We did some vox pop interviews at the conference that are up on the Web, but we also wanted to give you a written encapsulation of what we were told.

What are the main challenges of customer engagement in the UK marketplace right now?

“The greatest challenge for companies around customer engagement is aligning their people to their customers; linking the voice of the colleague to that of the customers.

“No matter what the technology, it’s people that deliver the service, after all.”

Steve Hurst, Editorial Director, Engage Business Media

“A common theme emerging from our customers is the need to do more with less. There’s reduced budget, reduced headcount, but rising expectations from the customer side, which expects to be communicated with by the most modern digital channels.”

John Duffy, Enterprise Sales Consultant, VoiceSage

“For us in the public sector, it’s definitely about doing more with less. We have budget constraints vying with rising customer expectations, so we have to be really creative when it comes to analysing customer need, ensuring we only ever focus our energies on where there’s real need.”

Dawn Crewe, Head of Customer Services, Elmbridge Borough Council

“I see a lot of high turnover; I see a lot of people getting a wealth of training and experience, then leaving and we’re back as an employer to Square One. How do we break this cycle, or do we just accept we have to live with it?”

Michael Cheng, Quality Insight & Strategy Manager, Capita

“It’s choosing the most appropriate channel. Particularly for Millennials, there’s a strong negative reaction to voice, for example, and they’re much more prone to respond to things like Messenger or Facebook instead. So for brands, the race is on to find the most appropriate channel for their target demographic.”

Lee Trenam, Senior Account Director, VoiceSage

“The single biggest challenge for us is joining up conversations. There are lots of different ways to contact us; some of our customers are very wedded to the phone, a lot use mobile, we even still get post. So how do our agents get a single view of all those contacts to get a consistent, joined up view of the ongoing conversations we’re having with them?”

Jason Knowles, Customer Journey Manager, Express Gifts

Go here for the full video version of our conversations at Future of the Contact Centre 2017