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Don’t Miss VoiceSage’s Special Executive Club On Optichannel, Co-Hosted With UKCCF

19th January 2018 No Comments

Dublin & Birmingham, 19 January, 2018 – Fast-growing customer engagement leader VoiceSage is running an Executive Club for contact centre managers in London later this month on a fascinating new CX concept – optichannel.

Set up to help communication and customer service professionals get a better insight in to what ‘optichannel’ level customer service will need to look like, the Executive Club is run jointly with the UK Contact Centre Forum (CCF).

Hosted by RMG Networks, the meeting will take place on Thursday, 25th January at Tower 42 (25 Old Broad Street EC2N 1HN).

It’s been designed to offer practical guidance on how to architect a customer response platform that provides the best channel for every outreach need.

Topics to be covered will include

• what is optichannel (as distinct from multi- and omni- channel)
• why optichannel improves a brand’s CX while improving performance and lowering costs
• how it works for customer, department to customer, and individual to customer style queries
• the role of different communication tech
• which works best for which outreach need.

The discussion will also highlight real-world use cases of

• when a call is best suited over an email
• when voice, live chat or social media works best
• and how SMS is apt for time-sensitive and private communications.

It will also look at the latest Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques and their role in optichannel CX delivery.

“The Club has been designed to walk attendees through practical optichannel,” confirmed VoiceSage’s COO, Paul Cogan.

“Attendees will learn from the experiences of the other high-profile CCF practitioners attending, plus will leave with some very concrete suggestions on how to reduce avoidable inbound contact, lower costs, improve response rates, up productivity and generate better customer engagement all-round,” he added.

The Executive Club will take place between 9am-12pm, and includes breakfast.

To register for this CCF and VoiceSage Executive Club or to find out more, please email