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Communications: A Way To Support Your Business

24th March 2017 No Comments

We recently ran a successful webinar, Proactive Customer Service; Top Brands Share Their Top Tips, with partner Engage Customer. John Duffy reviews some of what was discussed

Business technology has no value outside of real business use cases. That’s why I am always so focused on talking about the real success that our customers gain from working with our services. Use cases I find really compelling are, for example, our work with BrightHouse, Home Retail Group, Vanquis Bank and, in the public sector, Elmbridge Borough Council.

What links all these cases which are, after all, from very different parts of the business world, is the way they show how communications are there to support the business. These brands are all using technology to drive, enhance and support those business processes that the customer sees.

Let’s share a few details of these great projects to see how. With Home Retail Group – or more specifically, its highly well-known shopping brand, Argos – that was all about moving from passive to proactive customer service. It was getting 10 million in-bound calls per year that were being handled by a well-resourced contact centre of 1,500 staff – but Argos didn’t feel it was a fully-optimised service nonetheless. It recognised that there was room for improvement, and worked with us to help address those improvements.

After just a four month project, a lot of change had taken place. In-bound contact had been curbed, with a cost saving of 78% as a result – while proactive customer contact has been improved by 65%. No less than six full time equivalent staff have been reassigned to other work, with no drop in service – in fact, to head off calls around appointments that the firm knew would be a problem during a spell of bad weather, contact rates of 100% were recorded for affected customers.

How was this achieved? Automation – and not through any huge, 18 month project either. Argos chose a light-touch and high-benefit approach, which is what we were able to deliver. We delivered something similar at another customer, Vanquis Bank. There the problem was effective customer contact – it has a lot of users for its credit card solutions, but some of them were a bit elusive and hard to pin down. Using VoiceSage-powered automation, what a contrast: 100% same day contact for applications, 200% increase in terms of contact value per contact, and a 10% increase in activity per agent, per hour.

Those are strong results. What those numbers, like the Argos use case, show is the power of tech-enabled service redesign in a proactive direction. It shows what you can do with a process if you keep the customer at the heart of what you want to do, via the power of technology.

Customers want this. They want you to make it easy to contact them. Let’s use technology to do just that – and deliver on that promise of using communications to support and help your business.

John Duffy
Enterprise Sales Consultant

Listen here for the full version of the special webinar where John originally shared these insights