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Proactive Customer messaging for logistics

Do your delivery vans turn up to find the customer isn’t there? Do patients book appointments but never show? Not anymore.

VoiceSage’s proactive customer messaging for Logistics enables you to better manage the entire cycle of customer availability, bookings, confirmations, deliveries and follow-ups seamlessly, easily and personally.

From delivery window notifications to rescheduling messaging, automating the customer communication process delivers more efficient scheduling, reduced delivery costs improved operational efficiency and happier customers.

Send order status updates so customers can immediately specify delivery preferences, confirm delivery times, date and addresses, and route requests for time slot or address changes back to customer service staff with the push of a button.

VoiceSage Logistics and appointments automated customer contact to deliver a fast, cost effective service, significantly reducing delivery no shows, fuel consumption and ultimately delivering a greater customer service in this highly competitive industry.

Why customer messaging?
  • Reduce failed deliveries
  • Decreased delivery query call volumes
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Better customer experience
In Use

Order & Delivery Notifications

Delivery time and window alerts

Confirmation and delivery rescheduling

Self Service Rescheduling

Returned goods confirmations

Unexpected delay alerts

Appointment Confirmations

Customer Surveys

Voice Messages

Visual Messages

Text Messaging

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