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  • Interactive Voice Messaging (IVM)
  • SMS
  • RMM (Rich Media Messaging)


  • To reduce in-bound contact centre calls, which are expensive to process
  • Move customer outreach from


  • Speed of response, high response rates and easy services to execute
  • Useful feedback loop for customers that gives them actionable insights
  • Identifies people, process or technology improvements in the contact centre
  • Helps users in terms of reducing overhead from a C-SAT perspective

Capita is a UK leader in technology-enabled business process management and outsourcing solutions. It is helping a wide range of household name clients by using VoiceSage enabled solutions.

Named in the Forbes top 100 world innovators for the third year running, Capita spans both public and private sector. It embeds a wide range of innovative, IT-enabled customer service solutions to help its clients grow, become more profitable and deliver the best experience possible for its customers.

Capita Customer Management leads the market in outsourced customer management services and is partnering with VoiceSage based on its products’ reliability and its strong technology and track record. The firm uses VoiceSage’s proactive insight solution suite of technologies – Interactive Voice Messaging (IVM), SMS and RMM (Rich Media Messaging) – to help improve C-SAT (customer satisfaction) for clients.

Our clients’ customers really appreciate getting up-to-date, accurate information about things like delivery time or engineer visits, it really ups their appreciation of a brand and its service.”
Michael Cheng, Quality Insight & Strategy Manager, Capita

The VoiceSage functionality is offered as part of a set of options to clients, either in full combination with Capita’s data analytics products or standalone, confirms its Quality Insight & Strategy Manager, Michael Cheng.

“VoiceSage is a great fit for us and our brand name clients,” he says. “The main VoiceSage technologies we are interested in are ones that complement the analytics engine we offer and which help clients perform a variety of proactive customer contact functions.”

The main business drivers for using VoiceSage’s proactive engagement methods are to limit or reduce in-bound contact centre calls, which are expensive to process and which should only be used for service queries that cannot otherwise be automated, plus to move customer outreach from failure demands (‘Why hasn’t my delivery happened?’) to value demands (‘I’d like to order more goods from you’). This, coupled with speed of response, high response rates and the fact that they are easy services to execute, makes VoiceSage’s proactive technologies highly useful to both Capita and its contact centre clients, says Michael Cheng.

Survey Help

VoiceSage is primarily being used in the context of outsourced contact centres for major brands, where the tool is used in lockstep with Capita’s own agent dashboard and support software and analytics to help the brand and its customers.

One client, a large vehicle manufacturer, uses the survey to closely monitor satisfaction and has a process to quickly ‘red flag’ problems with customer service. At the same time, a large global electronics company uses VoiceSage-enabled services on new product release promotion campaigns, with the text service used to conduct C-SAT surveys to help it improve services to its customers.

A major utility also uses VoiceSage-powered surveys to measure the performance delivered by their third party field engineers.

This typically secures a metric on how the customer sees the brand, e.g. for a delivery or for a product launch. Surveys are set up to offer a way for customers to add free text opinion and statements, with all collected data fed in to Capita’s back-end analytics software for the production of performance metrics to help the client continuously improve its CX (customer experience). VoiceSage’s visual text messaging is the primary tool used for this purpose, and it provides a quick way to connect the customer with a brand’s microsite.

It’s important to appreciate that the task is more complex than it first looks, notes Michael Cheng. “A client wants to do the best job it can on, for instance, deliveries, but that can be affected by a number of

factors, such as its courier’s performance, an issue around a promotion or concession, or a higher delivery expectation at a certain time of year, especially Christmas.”

But, he says, “Working with VoiceSage’s services enables us to help the client see what’s working for these deliveries and programmes, providing a useful feedback loop that gives them actionable insights.”

Curbing inbound calls

Another way Capita helps clients via VoiceSage is curbing calls in to the contact centre, as these involve a great deal of agent time and resource. For example, Capita helped fix an issue around deliveries for one well-known high street retailer.

Text (SMS) is also being used by a number of Capita clients around delivery and logistics. A leading example is a large high street retail customer who utilises SMS to keep customers informed of when a package is due, a way it values as a cost-effective and performant way of delivering good customer experience and curbing inbound calls.

Helping improve contact centre efficiency

Another benefit to Capita’s clients is the ability it offers to identify people, process or technology improvements in the contact centre operation. Each and every post-contact survey is associated with the individual agent who took the call. Not only can operations managers identify areas for praising, coaching and training staff but they can relay problems back into the business and identify any process improvements that may need to take place.

“Each agent has full visibility of their customer feedback through our Agent C-SAT dashboard. We append a report on each interaction for each agent, which is a great way to map full performance in a consistent way.”
Michael Cheng

Service failure to service value demand with VoiceSage

In summary Michael Cheng points out that what Capita always seeks to do with VoiceSage is move from service failure demand calls to service value demand calls. Any way Capita can deflect failure calls out of the contact centre, the better from the client’s point of view, and VoiceSage is a huge help here, says Michael Cheng.

“Our clients’ customers really appreciate getting up-to-date, accurate information about things like delivery time or engineer visits, it really ups their appreciation of a brand and its service.

There’s also the cut in costs. VoiceSage is really helping our users in terms of reducing their overhead from a C-SAT point of view.

It’s a great, very powerful offering. We’re very happy to be working with VoiceSage.”

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