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Proximity based messaging for a bricks and mortar world.

Don’t lose sight of customers when they leave your website. Your customers’ physical presence can trigger a contextual, outcome based message.

Powered by small, low-cost Bluetooth transmitters, branded messages can be sent to passing trade, regular customers, scheduled visitors, or app users. Exploit the current wave of Internet of Things-enabled technologies such as proximity based messaging and contextual communications and be prepared to take advantage of exciting future opportunities.

Why VoiceSage Proximity Based Messaging?

B2C customer engagement

Track customer activity on your web site and send personalised messages when they are near or instore. With your mobile app and Location Services and Bluetooth turned on, send messages with special offers that provide memorable retail brand experiences to create more loyalty and advocacy.

Provide visitor information

Large leisure or public service sites provide useful information for visitors, helping them to navigate large, complex facilities. Hospitals direct outpatients and inform on refreshments, elevators and washrooms. Visitor attractions can add-in real-time notifications to draw attention to items of interest nearby.

Richer brand experiences

The brands that are seen as the most progressive and forward looking today are best placed to continue to succeed in the future. With a VoiceSage Proximity based messaging solution you put in place a messaging capability that meets with the expectations digital natives have for better brand experiences.

  • Join up online and mobile to stimulate near and instore sales
  • Release value from tracking data of registered customer interactions
  • Integrated through CRM, ecommerce and mobile apps
  • Exploit opportunities enabled by IoT, Machine Learning and AI
  • Manage and analyse all messaging through the VoiceSage console

What clients say about VoiceSage Proximity

Home Retail Group
“The huge benefit is that we can proactively contact customers en masse without impacting the front line. VoiceSage is a very affordable and measurable solution.

We can pay as we go, which helps us calculate the cost of campaigns and is really helpful from a business case point of view. We also get a lot of support whenever we’re trying something new.” Mark Fox Contact Centre Real Time Manager Home Retail Group


Create instore engagement

Take advantage of opportunities to turn online interest into instore engagement and conversion.

Authentication & authorization

OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect secured financial transactions and information collection.

Locally & globally

Deployed on AWS to deliver and guarantee enterprise-class performance locally, globally and at scale.

API – CRM integration

Use CRM data as source and update with information from VoiceSage.

Agile across devices

Transfer communication and conversations seamlessly across devices.

Value from data

Release value locked up in ecommerce website tracking data to stimulate instore sales activity.

Business intelligence

Comprehensive reporting and analytics from across the entire deployed solution.

SDK & Mobile Libraries

Development kits to build apps and libraries to add functionality and increase performance.

Internet of Things

Beacons, geofencing and QR integrated proximity technology for better instore engagement, response and customer journeys.

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