What Is A Customer Satisfaction Survey?

A customer satisfaction survey is a great way of measuring how the products or services provided by a company meet customer expectations.

VoiceSage’s surveys can get you the information needed to improve products, services, and user experience. You can automate event driven surveys and see how a specific transaction or customer interaction can impact your overall customer satisfaction. Send them via several channels: SMS, Rich Media Messaging, voice, email, or WhatsApp for Business.

Our platform stores all the data collected via surveys. Use it alongside your business metrics to produce an in-depth reporting that allow you to make better decisions. See how you can create better products, improve customer service, retain customers, or enhance services.

Use Cases

Market Research

Gather insights about your product or service. This information is essential to doing market research to help you improve your business. Find out what drives your customers to buy more, what campaigns are the most effective, and how your team is performing.

Customer Satisfaction

A customer satisfaction survey can help you understand how satisfied your customers are with your product or service. VoiceSage helps you design more engaging customer surveys with incredible features like sliders, emojis, radio buttons, free text and more.

Events & Planning

Send surveys to confirm attendance, receive essential information regarding access or dietary requirements and request feedback to help you organize your event better. By sending short text surveys you will be able to cater for each guest in an efficient way.

Employee Surveys

Most important employee surveys include staff opinion and satisfaction surveys, employee culture surveys, and employee engagement surveys. Our easy to build surveys will help you collect and measure employee views, attitudes, and perception of your organization.

Cleaning Databases

Cleansing or updating your database via surveys help you detect and remove inaccurate records from your contact database. Ensuring your data is correct, consistent, and usable helps you stay compliant, reduces costs and increases operational efficiency.

Operational Efficiency

To understand what you’re doing well and where you need to improve, track customer satisfaction metrics regularly. Each success metrics and KPI contributes to improving your overall operational efficiency and growth. Decide how frequently you’ll survey customers to get ongoing feedback.

Surveys Are Essential to Long-term Growth

28% of customers who submit a complaint to customer service said they’d spend less money at companies that had bad service. Instead of a reactive response to revenue loss, adopt a proactive approach to levelling up customer satisfaction.

  • Reduce Costs
  • Get High Submission Rates
  • Integrate Easily
  • Analyse Results
  • Choose Your Channel
  • Build in Minutes

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Download our template and metrics calculator and discover five types of surveys and how they help you improve customer service.

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Customer Satisfaction: The Most Important Success Metrics

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How to Measure Shopper Satisfaction with Customer Surveys

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