Reach Out to Key Candidates Quicker

VoiceSage is offering a myriad of mobile messaging solutions for recruitment agencies to help them reach out to key candidates quicker.

For recruiters who want their messages to be seen faster, clicked, and replied to, text messaging is the most recommended channel. With open rates of up to 98%, text recruiting services can easily be set up with the right integration and automation flow.

Here are some of common use cases that recruiters can use:

  • Send interview scheduling and reminders
  • Two-way conversations with candidates
  • Send applicants updates
  • Collect CVs faster
  • Automate FAQ chatbots for candidates
  • Promote open roles
  • Close deals with candidates
  • Get feedback on the recruitment process

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Stay Competitive In Recruitment

Recruitment is one of the most competitive fields. According to PageUp, the demand for talent is greater than the supply, and talent shortages are at a 10-year high.

For that reason only, recruiters need to make sure they reach out to the best candidates before the competition does. Talent teams are getting more creative by using alternative sourcing channels and communicating more effectively with their clients and candidates.

That means embracing mobile messaging solutions like Rich Media Messaging to engage candidates by elevating simple text messaging with videos, images, GIFs, documents, and more.

Receive Job Applications Instantly

Easily integrate with your favorite HR and recruitment tools in a matter of minutes. VoiceSage’s API can easily be integrated with your system to start sending personalized, targeted mobile messaging communications that grab attention and get results.

Rich Media Messaging is one of the most engaging mobile messaging solutions for recruitment agencies. The easy drag-and-drop builder helps recruiters create mobile landing pages that are engaging and branded to match your website and overall brand identity.

You can prompt candidates to call-back, update CVs, and prompt interview feedback.

Send SMS Interview Reminders

Everyone is always glued to a smartphone nowadays, so what better odds do recruiters have at getting the candidate’s response than via text messaging?

SMS doesn’t require internet connection to send or receive messages, so if you’re trying to reach candidates, an SMS ensures you reach all to all candidates instantly.

Here are some of the best practices we recommend encouraging candidates to collaborate when sending text messaging:

  • Get candidates’ permission to text them
  • Be transparent with the job role and salary expectations
  • Don’t message candidates at a late hour
  • Be polite and concise in your messaging
  • Send an automated SMS as a reminder


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