Communicate Effectively with Student and Teachers

Many situations require broad and instant communications but are not necessarily urgent messages. One example that applies to schools and universities in particular is changing ceremony venues or seminar times.

In this type of situation, text messaging is an effective way to communicate with students and teachers. With high open rates, mass messaging is the ideal communication channel because it’s cost-effective and doesn’t require an internet connection.

Here are some of the most used ways of mobile messaging in education:

  • Send event reminders
  • Alerts for event changes
  • Information for excursion updates
  • Coordinate parent or student volunteering
  • Remind student of deadline, uniform-free days
  • Notify parents/student of upcoming payments
  • Monitor student welfare
  • Offer quick student advice via chatbots
  • Make quick student enrolments
  • Update student on class cancellations

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Keep Students Informed with Mobile Messaging

If you work for a university, community college, or school, it’s important that you create a two-way communication system for your teachers and students.

A two-way SMS solution can help you send important messages instantly and encourage students or teachers to respond.

Encouraging students to leave reviews on social media or updating them in real-time about seminar time changes improves your student relationships. High student engagement attracts more student enrolments and better reputation.

Create Student Engagement with Rich Media Messaging

Another good way to create higher student engagement is by sending rich messages. What are those, you might ask?

Rich messages are the upgraded version of a plain text. They are carefully designed mobile landing pages that send personalized, targeted messaging.

Most gen Z and newer generations grew up glued to the mobile phones. With a higher sense to detail, immediacy, and quality, they would engage better with a rich text.

Why Text Messaging Is Important for Education

As mentioned above, everyone check their phones, so mobile messaging for universities is a high-effective channel.

Another great reason is that you don’t require additional app installation to receive text messaging. Many people get put off by installing new apps, in some cases, it caused 69% of people to immediately abandon their journey.

Here are some of the most important mobile messaging benefits in education:

  • Text messaging helps students be on time
  • Mobile messaging doesn’t require an internet connection
  • Rich Media Messaging is ideal for creating personalized marketing campaigns
  • Sending reminders and important alerts is invaluable to students
  • Student communication should be omnichannel using mixed channels
  • Involving students in two-way communication increases community engagement
  • Welcome new student to your university in style
  • Get your student feedback using engaging mobile surveys

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