New Contract Generator on Rich Media Messaging (RMM)

With the increasing popularity of mobile devices and the demand for mobile communication technology rapidly expanding all around the world, VoiceSage saw an opportunity to give businesses the ability to generate contracts instantly on their phone.

So can you create, send and sign legal documents via text? Yes, with our new Rich Media Messaging feature. Companies can now generate, send and receive legal contracts instantly on their mobile phones. The process is fully automated on our rich messaging solution and its AI rules engine. This helps big retailers, notaries, logistics and insurance companies design, send, track and e-sign documents.

  • Easily automate electronic contracts
  • Collect e-signatures with ease
  • Seamless integration with your apps and software
  • Send and receive legal documents and contract securely

Contract Generator Main Benefits

VoiceSage gives you all the tools you need to edit, send, and sign documents in seconds.

  • Ensure legally binding signatures
  • Decrease turnaround times
  • Increase your productivity levels
  • Close deals faster
  • Deliver the information instantly
  • Save money
  • Reduce document waste

contract generator

contract generator signature

Common Use Case

The retail sector in particular can benefit from this service. A common use case is for buy and install services. Onboarding of new installers and renewing existing installers via contract signing has proven to be a complex task that is time-consuming and costly.

But with the new contract generator feature on rich messaging, companies can now overcome these challenges with digital contracts. Recently we suggested this solution for one of our retail customers.

We templated a contract within the rich message and then allow for the installer to review and sign the contract. On submission of their signature via the signature block within the RMM, we take all inputs and convert the contract into a PDF sending this to both the retailer and the installer for their records. As an additional layer of security, we can password protect the PDF and send it to a secure SFTP location.

Contract Generator Features

Boost Your Workflow

Our solution is configured to generate documents, increase turnaround times, and improve efficiency.

In-Person Signing

The best option when working on the go. Give your customers or employees the ability to read and sign documents on their mobile devices.


Design templates that are in line with your branding. Automate workflows and enhance your productivity by reducing time.

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