At a glance

The Challenge

  • Slow processes
  • Inefficient communication between agents and crew members
  • Crew members were taking notes manually

The Solution

  • SMS emergency notifications to help ensure public safety, protect property, facilitate response efforts, elicit cooperation, and instil public confidence.

The Results

  • 80% decrease in outbound calls
  • Time-efficient communication
  • Increase efficiency and optimized processes

About Otonomee

Otonomee provide digital outsourcing for scaling businesses. They have helped some of the most successful technology brands to expand their services, reduce costs, grow revenue, and deliver a stand-out customer experience. Their focus is to help small businesses scale up and become world leaders within their industry niche.

The Challenge

Otonomee deliver an out-of-hours service on behalf of their customers – Wexford County Council – the authority responsible for local government in County Wexford, Ireland.

Otonomee had a challenge around contacting crew members who are on-call for emergencies in an efficient way. Previously, agents would need to make several calls to crew members to make contact with them, while crew members taking notes manually. This resulted in inefficient communication.

The Solution

As part of their partner success program, Otonomee has identified that this was causing inefficiencies, so they started researching a solution to solve the problem fast. Inefficient communication can have a lot of negative effects. One of the most common reasons for poor response is an outdated system.

After analyzing the problem and consulting with VoiceSageʼs product specialists, we determined that an SMS solution would be the best way to quickly notify crew members when needed. With the highest open and read rates, SMS is the most instant and popular mobile channel.
sms emergency notifications

Well-conceived and efficiently delivered emergency messages can help ensure public safety, protect property, facilitate response efforts, elicit cooperation, and instil public confidence.

VoiceSage quickly implemented a fast SMS emergency notification solution to manage all communications. Otonomeeʼs agents record issue details through their pre-defined scripting and forward the information to the on-call crew through an SMS text message.

The process facilitates a confirmation that the message has been received and is being actioned. If the confirmation is not received, an escalation call will trigger.

The Results

sms emergency notifications

“Our strategic partnership with VoiceSage allows us to react to our Partners’ needs. Since implementing this offering, we have seen an 80% decrease in outbound calls to get in touch with on-call crews, reduced dependency on a crew members availability to take a call, and increased efficiencies throughout the process.”

Paul Byrne, Head of Growth at Otonomee


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