Get Paid Faster with VoiceSage

Reduce your DSO, increase your collections rates and reduce enforcement actions by introducing more options and more automation to your dunning and collections process.


Reduce late payments by up to 65% per month

VoiceSage makes it very simple to get paid by your debtors. We can augment your dunning and collections process, allowing your debtors to self-serve their payments and reminding them when their payments are due. We support both card and telephone based payments, and we connect directly to your existing payment infrastructure so you don’t have to change your processes or reconciliation.

Reduce your outbound calls by up to 70% per month

Instead of spending time calling your debtors asking for payment, our system will call them for you and only connect you once they are ready to pay. This frees up your team’s time to work with debtors who need a tailored credit solution. Whatever you agree with your debtors, we can prompt them to pay what they owe, when they owe it.

Reduce your enforcement actions by 20% per annum

Our customers have reported that when they started to use VoiceSage to augment their dunning and collections process, in addition to the increase in their cash-flow, they see a reduction in enforcement actions (legal action or disconnection of service) by c. 20%. They also saw both a decrease in complaints arising from collections and an increase in customer satisfaction scores.


Increase in agent productivity


Worth of collections triggered every month


As much as 27:1 return on investment


Outbound customer interactions per day

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