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Remove payment friction from the customer journey

The ‘Pay Now’ step of the customer journey can be the biggest stopping point.

With intuitive, automated optichannel messaging your brand can maximize Conversion Rates and Right Party Contact for eCommerce payments, credit collection, and more. Personalized, empathetic rich media messaging supports customers making payments.

Why VoiceSage Payments?

Secure Payment Support

Automated text bots let you initiate payment actions. Follow ‘Know Your Customer’ best practice and compliance with verification of the identity of people responding to your payment requests. Confirm amounts and let your customer make payment in two clicks. It’s easy!

Share in the efficiency of the API economy

Stripe, PayPal, WordPay and other integration for frictionless payment. Share in the benefits and efficiency of the ‘API economy’ powered by secure API calls to third-parties. As a merchant, with VoiceSage you offload all PCI compliance requirements to the front-end payment processors.

A richer customer experience

Messaging that projects your brand creates a richer customer experience. Payment may be an ‘ouch’ moment for some, but with VoiceSage you make it a quick, frictionless brand experience that’s over in two clicks using sms payment reminders. Reduce the customer journey while reinforcing positive perceptions of your brand.

  • Reduces the complexity of taking secure payments
  • Integration all done – just use Merchant ID for drag and drop set up
  • No payment details are stored, simplifying compliance
  • No time or money wasted on development and no risk
  • Leverage response rates to SMS to reduce the cost of collections

What clients say about VoiceSage Payments

“We use VoiceSage primarily for contacting customers in arrears with PayPal. The system and platform is straightforward and easy to use – and their online user interface and portal for launching campaigns is really best in class.

From a compliance and legal perspective, we have found them professional and buttoned-up, have had no issues with them in this regard. We have also found them flexible and good partners overall where they understand our requirements, and work to our standards.” David Quin Director of Collections PayPal


Dynamic across channels

Optimize contact across voice, SMS and rich media channels to maximize response.

Authentication & authorization

OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect secured financial transactions and information collection.

Locally & globally

Deployed on AWS to deliver and guarantee enterprise-class performance locally, globally and at scale.

API – CRM integration

Use CRM data as source and update with information from VoiceSage.

Agile across devices

Transfer communication and conversations seamlessly across devices.

Dynamic workflows

Rules engine routes calls efficiently for a smoother customer journey at each contact.

Business intelligence

Comprehensive reporting and analytics from across the entire deployed solution.

SDK & Mobile Libraries

Development kits to build apps and libraries to add functionality and increase performance.

Drag and drop set up

All the development is done for you, so it’s simple drag and drop set up using your Merchant ID.

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