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Without The Right Link, All Of The Technology In The World Won’t Help

26th April 2017 No Comments

We recently had the chance to catch up with VoiceSage’s partners and customers at an industry expo we supported, the Future of the Contact Centre conference, run by our partners at Engage Business Media

We did some vox pop interviews at the conference that are up on the Web but we also wanted to give you a written encapsulation of what we were told.

What’s the best way of responding to customer demands?

“Today’s Joe Public and today’s Joe Citizen have certain expectations now when it comes to engaging with brands and organisations. They’re used to doing things a lot on their mobile phones, digital channels – and as a result, every UK organisation has to align the way it engages with customers to the way they expect to be engaged with.”

John Duffy, Enterprise Sales Consultant, VoiceSage

“There’s a lot of effort we need to put in to help customers, as our agents can’t always see the full history of the previous conversation. The customer ends up having to repeat things to us, which frustrates them, as they have high expectations that if they’ve told us something, we should already know about it.”

Jason Knowles, Customer Journey Manager, Express Gifts

“People are demanding, yes. But what we’ve learned is that if you operate transparently so they can see what you can do and what you can’t do, then they quickly end up being very supportive. All they want is honesty – they know we’re not an Amazon, it’s not about having the very best experience; they just want the best you can do, so long as they are sure that’s what you’re actually delivering.”

Dawn Crewe, Head of Customer Services, Elmbridge Borough Council

“Well, even if you are Amazon, it’s still your people that deliver your service, and a lot of organisations aren’t getting that, still. More and more are, but enough aren’t. Our greatest issue as a sector, I am convinced, is linking our people to the customers in the right way… linking the voice of the colleague with the voice of the customer. That’s so worth doing as it leads to the greatest results in terms of performance and profitability. The technology piece is very interesting, but without that link, all of the technology in the world won’t help you.”

Steve Hurst, Editorial Director, Engage Business Media

Go here for the full video version of our conversations at Future of the Contact Centre 2017