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Better Contact Better Results

VoiceSage interactive messaging automates outbound customer interactions and eliminates thousands of tedious, low value agent calls. A simple, flexible messaging platform and powerful business intelligence engine, sends interactive voice and sms text messages that are timely, relevant, and offer a range of dynamically presented options that guides the recipient to a desired outcome.

Fractured communications lead to expensive and unsatisfying customer experiences. An integrated approach to customer contact, implementing a cohesive strategy with voice, sms, e-mail and chat through interactive messaging requires fewer resources to deliver better results

How We Make Conversations Happen



VoiceSage's fully hosted technology is focused on effectively maximising the performance of call centers through innovation, automation and a continuous drive for efficiency and improved performance.

The VoiceSage's always on platform is designed to be accessible at all levels within an organisation. From its easy-to-use interface in the building of interactive messages and management of campaigns through to its provision of API services for full system integration.

We align to clients' work flows, business process outbound communications and reporting tools to get things done

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Technology Overview

Cloud Technology

VoiceSage software sits entirely in the cloud. Availability issues are now a thing of the past with always-on technology.

Real Voice Technology

Combining real voice with state of the art Text-to-Speech technology, messages are designed to deliver improved interactions and brand experience.

Reduced Total Cost of Ownership

No upfront investment in servers or local software licensing is required. No need for expensive consultants or network engineers. All that is needed is a PC and an internet connection.

Set-Up Timeframe

Basic campaigns can be fully up and running in less than an hour.

User Interface

Easy interface allows user controlled provision, management and interrogation of campaigns.


Ability to scale up or down and adapt as needed with no additional cost implications.


Our estate is PCI DSS Level 1 Compliant. Connections to our system utilise 256-bit SSL encryption between your site and the VoiceSage cloud.


Inputs and outputs can integrate directly with enterprise systems creating a completely automated business process via SFTP and API.


Full resilience across multiple sites


Powerful analytics and reporting delivered in customer defined formats via multiple channels.

Best Time to Contact

VoiceSage Best Time to Contact is a high performance scheduling engine that determines the best time to deploy group messages

This optimization technology schedules an interactive voice message when the recipient is most likely to answer, respond and take the appropriate action.

Based on statistical analysis of historical campaigns, the software minimises contact attempts while maximising desired outcomes. From collections, customer surveying to fraud performance, contacting the right person, through the right channel and the right time is a vital component to any successful contact strategy.

The power of Best time to Contact lies in its intuitive ability. The Intelligence Engine uses real live statistical data on successful and unsuccessful contacts constantly reviewing and updating time segments so that scheduled campaigns are based on the most accurate data available. You will now be able to pinpoint the 'best time to contact' even more accurately based on performance as it unfolds.

The VoiceSage Experience

VoiceSage does more than just deploy messaging technology. We deliver high-value conversation cycles with customers across multiple channels.

Ensuring profitable business process completion and maximising the customer experience is the essence of what we deliver.

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Moving the Metrics

Nurturing and guiding key business metrics is what sets VoiceSage apart. Whether it is promises to pay,cost per contact, or cost per completed survey, crafting a metrics driven customer contact strategy adds significant value.

Rapid, Customised Deployment

VoiceSage software is user friendly and customisable. Simplicity of use ensures fast deployment. See results in 30days or less.

Flexible Platform

The VoiceSage platform is highly iterative and flexible. Reviewing results and adapting campaigns is the key to driving incremental ROI.

Business Intelligence Engine

Delivering intelligent call trend analysis around customer contact preferences, habits and behaviours, we schedule calls when customers are more likely to answer and take action.

Library of Connecting Templates

The Interact Library contains easy to adopt, adapt and share workflows that match specific parts of the customer journey browsing, ordering, payments etc.

Dedicated Support

A dedicated support team guides clients through each phase of the project.

On Demand

As a pay-as-you go solution. No set-up fees, no hardware investment required.

Analytics- Powerful Reporting

VoiceSage’s analytics capabilities are a powerful addition to managing and maximising campaign performance. Our intelligence based reports use live customer data. Each individual customer interaction creates a wealth of rich data, the analysis of which assists in refining and modifying campaigns that keep improving metrics and outcomes.