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VoiceSage Is Going To Help You Move Towards A Truly Conversational Economy

16th March 2017 No Comments

We recently ran a webinar, Proactive Customer Service; Top Brands Share Their Top Tips, with partner Engage Customer. Matt Weil reviews some of what was discussed

So what’s changed in the field of customer contact? Are we doing things differently now compared with 20 or 30 years ago?

The content hasn’t changed. We are still trying to help customers get the most out of our products and services and solve their problems. But without a doubt, the format has. Brands are constantly shifting channels to manage their customer outreach, from mail to voice to SMS and now social media.

The good news is that our VoiceSage fully RESTful API means we can integrate any new method in minutes, while the fact we are on the Cloud means we can roll that new method out at scale, and our new SMS gateway is also highly useful.

But the point is what to make of all these new methods. Brands have the power to work with multiple channels seamlessly. But what should they do with that power? What our customers are starting to work towards is what we term the Conversational Economy.

It’s an economy that is about being sensitive and flexible to how any customer wants to talk to you. It doesn’t matter what the format is, be it voice, automated voice, visual touch message, OTT or a chatbot, we can tailor communication for your customers – as well as provide the deep analytics to work with all the data you gather.

A great example is bots. Their first wave failed. That’s because they were poorly positioned by early adopters who viewed them as human agent replacements. That’s unhelpful and the public saw through it and it irked them. However, the second wave, which we are helping roll out with our customers, involves labelling them as automated aids and supports for the user. If they are used in a more limited way then they are a real help.

VoiceSage is on top of all these developments, especially when it comes to even leading-edge developments like IoT, the Internet of Things. There are some highly useful things coming down the pike around M2M (Machine to Machine) payments, consumer to machine engagement as well. For now, as we move to this great Conversational Economy, we have very active monitoring and experimentation at VoiceSage that will help feed these new channels into that ongoing conversation brands are having with their customers, in ways you or they won’t even notice.

Matthew Weil
Head of Product

Listen here for the full version of the special webinar where Matt originally shared these insights