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VoiceSage Partners With Industry Forum On Executive Club Around Key Sector Topic Of Proactive Engagement

23rd June 2017 No Comments

Dublin & Birmingham, 23 June 2017 – Fast-growing customer engagement leader VoiceSage [https://www.voicesage.com] has set up a special event with the UK Contact Centre Forum (CCF) to help professionals explore the idea of Proactive Customer Service.

The event, in the form of an upcoming Executive Club for contact centre directors, managers and communication and customer service professionals, is set to focus on the results of recent research on the market potential of proactive engagement.

The Executive Club, scheduled for July 5, and hosted by RMG Networks at London’s Tower 42 (International Financial Centre, 25 Old Broad Street EC2N 1HN), will focus on such topics as:

· how proactive customer service is emerging as a real option for contact centres
· real-world customer examples of how connecting the best company resource to the customer at the right moment helps
· the way feedback from such proactive engagement can improve performance and behaviour while lowering costs, by allowing brands to lower in-bound contact as well as more intelligently handle more and different classes of query
· the emerging contribution of SMS, voice and social media in proactive customer service
· the possible role of emerging advanced techniques of AI and consumer-to-machine engagement to the contact centre.

“Proactive engagement is about communicating in the omnichannnel manner our customers demand while reducing avoidable inbound contact, lowering costs, improving response rates, upping productivity and generating a rapid improvement in ROI,” points out VoiceSage’s Head of Marketing, Juliano Allegrini.

“The next stage is to open the debate about the techniques and technology that are starting to come through around Proactive Customer Service with the CCF practitioner community.”

The Executive Club will take place between 9am-1.30pm, and includes lunch. To register for this CCF and VoiceSage Executive Club or to find out more, please email info@uk-ccf.co.uk