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VoiceSage Adds Innovative Appointment And Location Features To Core Product Suite

24th November 2016 No Comments

Proactive customer engagement leader’s customers to be offered simple value-added functionality to help support their users more effectively

Dublin & Birmingham, 24 November, 2016 – Customer engagement services leader VoiceSage is launching new and innovative mapping and diary features. The extensions mean its award-winning customer engagement solutions will be more effective at supporting time-sensitive promotions, like the upcoming Black Friday shopping weekend.

The new Appointment feature will make it easier for clients to offer consumers flexible mobile-delivered payment reminders, real-time delivery appointment data and time-based public service announcements.

The Locations feature, meanwhile, will allow brands to drop calendar and pin (geolocation) items directly into a customer’s mobile phone, so that customers can be offered directions to the nearest physical store or service centre.

Visual Touch Messaging from VoiceSage is the core technology supporting these new Appointment and Location features, which allow users to receive rich content via SMS. In the Appointment feature, brands can send a bespoke calendar icon which will download to the customer’s calendar, while Location allows a client to send mapping details on a VTM with a map icon.

Both features are permissions based, conform to latest security standards, and guarantee the shortest, least clicks possible, customer journey.

One customer, a major UK high street retailer, will deploy the new services as part of its Black Friday campaign, sending reminders about shop opening hours and specific promotions to its customers’ phones.

The plan is to help consumers get the best out of their shopping experience. Other planned applications of the services by VoiceSage customers include financial services providers helping make payments simpler, and better appointment communications for utilities and retailers.

“Appointment and Location are a strong addition to the personalised, proactive Customer Experience (CX) consumers demand in today’s super-competitive market,” said VoiceSage’s Director of Sales and Marketing, Steve Robertson.

“Retailers can now further personalise the customer experience into something highly useful for their most valued customers,” he added.