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The Sensitive, Demanding Customer Reality You Have To Deal With

3rd May 2017 No Comments

We recently had the chance to catch up with VoiceSage’s partners and customers at an industry expo we supported, the Future of the Contact Centre conference, run by our partners at Engage Business Media

We did some vox pop interviews at the conference that are up on the Web, but we also wanted to give you a written encapsulation of what we were told.

What can we do to help customers more?

“I think when we look at channel appropriateness, there’s still a challenge around making sure the contact medium used matches the needs of the particular environment or scenario.

“Take credit collections. Most people in that kind of situation are very reluctant to take a voice call, due to the likely embarrassment of having to speak to an agent to explain their current difficulties and situation. However, they are much more likely to respond – and in a timely manner, too – to a text that appears quietly on their handset that offers a call to action for them that they can respond to remotely/anonymously – so much easier for many people than speaking to someone.”

Lee Trenam, Senior Account Director, VoiceSage

“Tools to allow customers to be more demanding: we think that’s an area that’s really, really important.”

Martin Williams, Business Development, CX Company

Go here for the full video version of our conversations at Future of the Contact Centre 2017