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Interactive Voice Messaging

Interactive voice messaging

Enhance Proactive Customer Conversations with VoiceSage Interactive Voice Messaging

Used on its own or part of a multi-channel communications strategy, proactively engage customers with interactive voice messaging.

User friendly and highly customisable, this channel offers a level of interaction that guides customers to the desired outcome.
Increase contact rates, reduce contact costs and deliver a better customer experience.
From customer surveys, marketing promotions to self-service payments and appointment rescheduling voice messaging enhance customer engagement whilst meeting unique business objectives.

Interactive Voice Messaging

Send proactive personalised messages with customer specific details to thousands of customers. Design contact campaigns with unlimited interaction possibilities. Optimise engagement by seamlessly switching between channels - voice, text or e-mail

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Simple Outbound Voice Messages

Simple one-way voice messages with no interaction capability added. Incorporate personalised content and details.

Interactive Voice Messaging

Add a simple level of interaction to outbound voice messages with customer keypad input responses and guide customers to take particular action.

Complex Interactive Voice Messaging

Incorporate keypad interactive responses with unlimited options and add transfers to internal or third party systems i.e. autopay or transfer calls back into call centre with agent whispers and effective agent routing.

Reverse blind transfer

Automatic call back to customer hang ups. Display an alternate CLI with an instant agent connect.


  • Fully personalised with custom data
  • Unlimited message interaction options
  • Real voice text to speech
  • Own voice recording options
  • Agent call routing with single customer data input
  • Agent whispers
  • Manage contact patterns to match agent resources
  • Automate workflows and processes
  • Multi-channel messaging -voice, text and e-mail
  • Full reporting suite

More Features

Voice Survey

VoiceSage Voice Survey is a powerful tool. Create high volume on demand voice surveys that captures real-time feedback at an individual agent level, team level and company level. Simple and easy to use the functionality is impressive. Trigger automated actions bases on scoring results, transfer calls back into the call centre or prompt an automated call-back to discuss issue resolution.

  • customer dashboards
  • league table analysis
  • on screen comparative analysis
  • verbatim comment capture
  • keyword analysis

VoiceSage Survey awarded "Best Product of the Year" at the Call Centre & Management Awards. Voice survey enables the design and implement powerful, timely, and relevant customer surveys

In Action


  • Pre-delinquent notifications
  • Payment arrears management
  • Late stage and recoveries messaging
  • Secure collection of self-service auto payments

Delivery and Appointment Reminders

  • Automate delivery despatch alerts
  • Real-time delivery and order confirmation
  • Delivery delays and out of stock notifications
  • Collection service notifications
  • Appointment confirmations
  • Appointment and delivery rescheduling
  • Post event surveys
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