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Omnichannel Delivered By Optichannel: Come See The Future

6th October 2017 No Comments

VoiceSage is to offer a practical way for you to concentrate on what you want when it comes to proactive outreach, says Matt Weil

We hear a lot about omnichannel in brand outreach. Maybe, sometimes, too much. I wonder if Gartner might not say it’s at the peak of its famous ‘hype cycle’.

The good news is that practical ominchannel is here, however, if you want to start benefiting it.

That’s in the shape of what we are going to call optimal channel thinking.

What does opti(mal)channel look like? Simple. How about taking the challenge you face of trying to constantly work out which is the right channel for you to respond to a customer away?

That would free you up to concentrate on what you should be focused on – the campaigns and services you want to get out to the market.

We can start offering you optichannel, today.

That’s in the shape of a new AI-powered solution we’re putting into your VoceSage console that will automatically detect the channel your customer is coming in on, and in milliseconds respond in the best way back.

Essentially, the system will act on your behalf to detect the best way of responding – and that’s across the board, from voice to SMS.

With optichannel, we can encompass the three ways you want to contact customers: system to customer, department to customer, and individual to customer.

Without optichannel help, that’s a moving target of options – should it be voice, should it be mail or text?

Our new wave of technology will put the business rules that work for your brand into the engine to remove the guesswork.

When a complaint comes in, for example, that will by default never be answered by an impersonal medium, but will be routed through to a concerned, responsive contact centre team member to address the service users’ issues.

These triggers will be sensitive and responsive, and will bring a huge palette of response forms into your control at a stroke – from plain to visual text, to voice, to text-to-speech, to chatbots.

In other words – omnichannel delivered by optichannel, today.

Optichannel is the way for you to break the hype cycle, differentiate yourself from the rest of the pack – and delight customers, all at once.


Matthew Weil is VoiceSage’s Chief Product Officer