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Drag, Drop And Shop – At The Touch Of A Button

6th July 2017 No Comments

VoiceSage is delighted to announce the immediate availability of a great new payment functionality extension to the VoiceSage proactive customer engagement suite. Matt Weil explains how this is going to help you

Consider being able to set up a fully secure, automated payment system for all your brand followers – with less than 10 minutes’ work?

Better, what if the payment service was the two biggest names in the online payment industry – PayPal and Stripe?

We’ve just done this for you. You now have a way to add in a ‘Pay Now’ button into all your Visual Touch Messages.

Let’s detail why that’s a good thing. Until now, your customers have been able to communicate with you by SMS and visual text, which has broken down many barriers and stripped out a lot of friction in terms of outreach.

But, it’s not been that easy to complete an interaction by allowing a financial transaction (for a product purchase, or for the customer to pay a bill or service a debt at speed and convenience).

That was a gap in our offering, and we’ve taken steps to close that gap for good. That means we can keep all your interactions with your users as seamless and efficient as possible. And it also aligns with our on-going VoiceSage mission, which is to do all the heavy-lifting at the back end for you, radically minimising the amount of effort our clients need to make to extend their service offerings in the marketplace.

We also want to make sure we can help you as a merchant by installing popular, global standard gateways, so your users would find it tempting and safe to make a transaction that will benefit you. PayPal and Stripe are used by millions of people every day, so I hope you agree we made the right selection.

Agile work – agile results

So now, a payment processing block is as standard. Even better, it’s secure and enterprise-grade in terms of coding. We completed the project in great time internally by a focused bit of Agile development work, which meant about 10 days to get the workflow and a great user experience sorted, which is really quick for this kind of work.

We also know it’s going to make your life easier as our great beta tester clients have reported the benefits. We had some very positive feedback, which we used to tweak and perfect the system. I’d like to formally thank all of you who took the time to help us – I and the rest of the Engineering team really appreciated it.

So please check out the payments widget we’ve set up for you. It really is very simple and very reliable – check it out! Speak to us to find out more.