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Chatbots Main Theme Of Upcoming VoiceSage Executive Club

13th September 2017 No Comments

Dublin & Birmingham, 13 September 2017 – Fast-growing customer engagement leader VoiceSage has set up a special event with the UK Contact Centre Forum (CCF) to help contact centre professionals get up to speed with AI and chatbots.

The event, in the form of an upcoming Executive Club for contact centre directors, managers and customer service professionals, as well as catering for collections, marketing and logistics managers, will focus on why AI-powered consumer service tools will change customer outreach.

It will explore the insight that chatbots will play a huge role, but as an addition and a support for the contact centre, not a replacement for it.

It will also cover practical issues around how to implement the tech successfully in today’s world, not in a science fiction future.

The Executive Club, scheduled for September 29 and hosted by RMG Networks at London’s Tower 42 (International Financial Centre, 25 Old Broad Street EC2N 1HN – the former NatWest Tower), will cover:

  • How chatbot and AI is emerging as a real option for contact centres
  • Real-world examples of how the technology can improve performance and behaviour while lowering costs by allowing brands to automate simple tasks, redirect expensive resource elsewhere and intelligently handle more and different classes of query
  • Explore the balance of how to best use AI to automate simple, repetitive tasks or as a back stop
  • The need to never force the user down a path they don’t feel comfortable with
  • The importance of other tech like SMS, voice and social media in omnichannel.

“Chatbots and AI-powered online customer service are emerging as highly appealing tools to supplement the contact centre,” notes VoiceSage’s Sales Director Lee Trenam.

“They could help reduce costly agent resource, moving agents to higher value calls and achieving a much higher level of control of your messaging and customer engagement – and all on a 24×7 basis.

“But we need to open the debate about how they can be implemented successfully and incorporated into practical brand strategies today, not tomorrow.”

The Executive Club will take place between 9am-1.30pm, and includes breakfast.

To register for this CCF and VoiceSage Executive Club or to find out more, please email