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Compliance – Everyone’s Business

In her first blog our Governance, Risk and Compliance expert Niamh O’Sullivan explains why her role is a key one for both us at VoiceSage and for all our customers Compliance in the context of business and corporate management refers …

6th February 2017 No Comments

Capita Customers Move From Failure To Value Demand With VoiceSage

Capita is a UK leader in technology-enabled business process management and outsourcing solutions. It is helping a wide range of household name clients by using VoiceSage-enabled solutions Named in the Forbes top 100 world innovators for the third year running, …

24th January 2017 No Comments

Four Trends That Will Change Customer Outreach Forever

VoiceSage always has its eye on the future. To this end, let’s look at the four really vital tech developments that will be dominating the way you engage with customers – and the way you’ll work with our technology. Fancy …

20th December 2016 No Comments

AI Will Be A Great Addition To The Customer Contact Mix

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is very of the moment. Researchers are investing a lot of time and effort into predicting how huge the impact of more self-aware systems will be on work, society and even humanity’s future. Quite rightly as there …

29th November 2016 No Comments

Black Friday 2016 Gets New Tech Boost, Thanks To VoiceSage

In his first post for the company, VoiceSage’s new head of product, Matthew Weil details a great new functionality extension coming online just in time for Black Friday Black Friday is one of the biggest shopping days of the year. …

21st November 2016 No Comments

It’s Not About Channel Shift – It’s About Giving the Citizen Communication Options

Proactive customer engagement specialist VoiceSage is carrying out a series of customer Round Tables around CX (customer experience) and proactive customer engagement with the UK Contact Centre Forum. This latest one was all about defending customer choice in the public …

1st November 2016 No Comments

The Reality Of Proactive Customer Service In 2016 UK

Proactive customer engagement specialist VoiceSage recently hosted a Round Table where a number of its key customers debated the important issues that crop up when they implement proactive strategies in their organisations. Trevor Richer sets the scene What does the …

12th October 2016 No Comments

Why ‘Proactive’ Is The Favourite Term Of Any Serious Organisation Right Now

Trevor Richer, VoiceSage’s Head of Marketing, discusses the real meaning of the word ‘proactive’ when it comes to customer engagement I recently looked at a set of findings from Forrester Research, and I’d like to explain why, and how I …

26th September 2016 No Comments

Wow Factors For Customer Engagement

Martin Williams, who spends his working days with the top 15 accounts for VoiceSage, shares some of the stats and facts about customer success I would like to try and isolate the special extra value we are able to bring …

15th September 2016 No Comments

The Omnichannel Proposition Is Being Proven Right Day By Day

VoiceSage’s Steven Robertson looks at the implications for the VoiceSage user of Mary Meeker’s snapshot of where we all are with the New Economy Young people communicate very differently – and there are still a lot of us out there …

17th August 2016 No Comments