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What Are Your 2018 Customer Service Priorities?

Please check out some great new video content we’ve shared on YouTube. This is from our successful presence at the recent (November 2017) Customer Engagement Summit November. It features contributions from a range of customer engagement practitioners and experts including …

22nd February 2018 No Comments

AI And Chatbots? They’ll Be At The Core Of Customer Service

Check out some great new video content we’ve shared on YouTube. There are some vox pop highlights from the recent Customer Engagement Summit in November. The first one is a set of comments and observations on the important issue of …

8th February 2018 No Comments

Two Reasons Our First Client Is Still With Us

VoiceSage’s Chief Executive Officer, James (‘JJ’) Kett, founded VoiceSage in 2003. In a Yule message he looks at the original inspiration for VoiceSage and why the firm continues to be the ideal partner for customer engagement in 2018 and beyond …

21st December 2017 No Comments

Moving the Contact Centre from Omnichannel to Optichannel: A Report from Our Recent UKCCF Roundtable

In a look at a recent roundtable event we ran with the UK Contact Centre Forum, John Duffy reports on a new idea on the Contact Centre scene: taking the omnichannel idea a step forward into ‘optimum’ (opti) channel. This …

13th December 2017 No Comments

The Power Of Outbound Interactive Voice Messaging For Contact Centres

VoiceSage’s Gregg Kilkenny gives us a timely reminder of the value of Voice messages in the contact centre’s omnichannel deck For some reason, outbound voice messaging gets less love as an omnichannel asset than it deserves. And while VoiceSage is …

22nd November 2017 No Comments

Is Your Customer Contact Black Friday-Enabled?

A long-running US shopping tradition marking the start of the Christmas shopping season, it hasn’t taken long for Black Friday to become a key date in the calendars of UK retailers. Importantly, UK consumers have also embraced this tradition – …

8th November 2017 No Comments

Omnichannel Delivered By Optichannel: Come See The Future

VoiceSage is to offer a practical way for you to concentrate on what you want when it comes to proactive outreach, says Matt Weil We hear a lot about omnichannel in brand outreach. Maybe, sometimes, too much. I wonder if …

6th October 2017 No Comments

Don’t Let The Chatbot Attract The Negativity Of The First Wave Of Offshoring

Matt Weil is worried the sector’s trying to rush a promising technology into the frontline before it’s ready When it comes to defining the most effective contribution of AI (artificial intelligence) in the contact centre a lot of us are …

19th September 2017 No Comments

Chatbot Confusions Will Blow Back On The Unwary

VoiceSage’s Matt Weil argues that misleading AI coverage potentially harms our appreciation of what this tech can genuinely do for brands Earlier this month, you may have read a story that gripped the world’s media about a sinister-sounding piece of …

5th September 2017 No Comments

Proactive? Yes, But Let’s Work Out These Issues First

John Duffy reports on the findings of a recent well-attended roundtable discussion VoiceSage organised with the UK Contact Centre Forum on the topic of proactive engagement Brands know they need to get more proactive – but that knowledge isn’t enough …

20th August 2017 No Comments