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Black Friday 2016 Gets New Tech Boost, Thanks To VoiceSage

21st November 2016 No Comments

In his first post for the company, VoiceSage’s new head of product, Matthew Weil details a great new functionality extension coming online just in time for Black Friday

Black Friday is one of the biggest shopping days of the year.

Scheduled for Friday, November 25th, we’re all on-board for a 24-hour shopping bonanza.

And what a shopping day it’s likely to be – with an overall £2bn worth of potential sales for UK shops and brands as well as expected Irish sales of €100 million plus. In tandem there is the shopping promotion of Cyber Monday, the Monday after the Black Friday weekend. Like Black Friday, Cyber Monday marks a fourth shopping day for that weekend, continuing online when people are back at work.

Retailers value Black Friday because it means getting ‘back in the black’ for the Christmas sales window.

Now with a new, innovative Appointment feature from VoiceSage, retailers can use technology to make Black Friday and Cyber Monday even better for consumers. The feature will allow brands to drop calendar items direct into a brand follower’s mobile.

Why is that so exciting? Retailers want to ensure, with all the commotion of the shopping weekend, customers are alerted to any promotions they are running. This innovative Appointment feature means you can personalise the Black Friday experience into something valuable for your target customers – personalisation that marks you out as a proactive CX (customer experience) leader.

A major retailer we’re working with is planning to do just that. Customers can look forward to reminders about shop opening hours and specific promotions on their phone, making it highly convenient for them to plan their shopping experience.

We’re also adding a Location feature, which allows brands to deliver an interactive map, showing the location of a specific store or outlet with a Black Friday deal.

Put it all together and you’ve got a brilliant addition to personalised, proactive Black Friday CX coming on-stream for November 25th.

We wish you all a great Black Friday-Cyber Monday, however you navigate it this year!

Matthew Weil
Head of Product

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