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VoiceSage And Encoded Will Help Operations Managers Understand What Makes Mobile Payments Work

7th November 2016 No Comments

Proactive customer engagement leader VoiceSage and secure automated payment solutions provider Encoded explain the 5 key steps to transform mobile payments

Dublin & Birmingham, 7 November, 2016 – Customer engagement services leader VoiceSage is partnering with secure automated payment solutions provider Encoded to run two special upcoming webinars.

The webinars – on the theme of ‘How To Make The Perfect Mobile Payment’ – will take place on Wednesday, 30 November and Tuesday, 6 December, at 10.00 am to 11.00 am.

Presented by VoiceSage’s Sales Director Steve Robertson and founding director of Encoded Robert Crutchington, the agenda will cover the five key steps to transform customers’ mobile payments:

• Striking the right balance between intelligence and automation
• Making debt collection pain free for all parties
• Get more from less by maximising contact centre productivity
• Identifying the right channel mix to reach your customers
• Staying PCI compliant while reducing complexity.

The two will be working together with many of the best-known high-street retailers and lenders to help businesses improve both mobile payment efficiency, customer satisfaction and compliance, delivering greater insight into best practice that will prove invaluable. They will also be joined on the webinar by Matthew Tyler of Blackfoot, one of the UK’s leading experts on security and compliance.

“Contacting customers for payment is never easy,” comments VoiceSage’s Head of Marketing Trevor Richer.

“But with the right strategy and the right technology, it’s absolutely possible to transform how your customers engage with you, delivering rich rewards.

“We are delighted to be partnering with Encoded, true experts in the area of payments and compliance,” he added.

To register for the webinars, please go here