Proactive, personalised communications

Customer Contact for Financial Services

Getting the balance right

From collections to customer service, automated customer contact solutions provide ability to deploy multi-channel contact strategies that improve customer support, reduce delinquency rates and increase collections on current and overdue accounts.

Proactive customer contact for financial services companies can transform the customer experience, leading to happier customers, more efficient contact agents and lower costs to serve. By leveraging the cost-effectiveness of interactive voice messaging, automated text conversations and visual touch messaging, financial institutions can reach their customers  via channels that they engage with most and manage the peaks and troughs of inbound call demand.voice, text, visual to ensure that customers are contacted in an effective manner that works for them too. No more ineffective chasing just better results.


Why customer messaging?
  • Increase customer contact rates
  • Reduced contact costs
  • Better agent utilisation
  • Reduced call volumes
  • Improved business efficiency
  • Reduce fraud
In Use


  • bill payments and overdue reminders
  • Autopay facility
  • Automate routine contacts

Fraud Prevention

  • Unusual account activity alerts
  • Interactive prevention messaging

Customer Services & Response

  • Account management and bill pay
  • Card activations and authorisations
  • Low account threshold notifications
  • Credit card mailing and receipt confirmations


  • Customer Satisfaction surveys

Sales & Marketing

  • New service & product notifications
Voice Messages

Visual Messages

Text Messaging

One to one agent-to-customer text messaging sessions are extremely effective in engaging with customers. Eliminating the need for inbound call, customers can now simply engage using keywords to text agents for a fraction of the cost of voice.